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AuctionAZ.com, LLC is Arizona’s leading real estate auction company, selling over $100 million in real estate at auction in the past few years. We have extensive experience selling commercial and industrial improved properties, agricultural and vacant land and residential single-family homes and developments.

AuctionAZ.com was founded by George Cunningham in 1998.

Real Estate Brokerage License: LC625062000  


Cunningham & Associates, Inc. is the parent company of AuctionAZ.com and is Arizona’s only third generation auction company, owned and operated by the Cunningham family for over 70 years. Cunningham’s Auction Service became Cunningham & Associates Auctioneers and Appraisers when Bob Cunningham relocated to Arizona over 50 years ago after his service in the US Navy.

Founded in 1947 by George Y. Cunningham in Eastern Arkansas, Cunningham and Associates was later incorporated in 1984.

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AuctionAZ.com is part of the Cunningham Auction companies where you can bid on personal property!

What Our Clients Say

George did a great job in selling a property that had been dormant for years. Additionally, it had ADEQ challenges that he overcame. George brought us more than we anticipated, just like he promised.

— R.D., County Administrator